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    The CNM Touchpad II
    by Darren Smith

    A Cheap seven inch Android Tablet which surfs the web, uses Kindle Reader with plenty of Applications and Games to download for under £100..too good to be true? Let's find out.

    On Receiving the CNM Touchpad II I was pleasantly surprised how neat the packaging and boxing was. With Pad, Charger, USB to PC Connector, Earphones, Manual and Mini Disc all neatly packaged I ripped them open dying to try my new toy.

    TP2.jpg touchPadII_img01.png

    The tablet screen is resistant and bright and seems well made. There is a power button on the side along with a menu and esc button too for navigating your way around the device. I'm embarrassed to admit it took me four days till I realised it came with a build in touch pen on one of the corners of the pad. A USB and Mini USB socket on the side with an SD card reader for extra storage, hdmi socket is useful for streaming in 720i to an HDD TV is a nice feature.

    On booting the Tablet and having never used an Android device before I was surprised how quickly I Picked the Operating Software up. It was easy to navigate my way around and found myself going to settings to sync my email and wifi first without any problems at all. In fact the Touch screen keyboard was a joy to use and with tilt switch capability the screens flips from landscape to portrait with ease.

    I decided to test the Net and found Google easy to use and a quick double tap zoomed in on the screen for me. My next step was to try downloading an app from the android market and this is where it seemed to go wrong for me. Every time I signed up to download an app I was told no device is associated with your account. Frustrated I Goggled and finally read that a Firmware update was needed to fix this problem. I downloaded the firmware and instructions but for the love of all that is Holy could not get the upgrade device to work. In sheer frustration I called the CNM Support line at 50p a minute, but was very glad I did.

    A Techie called James called me back immediately saving my Phone Bill and then sent me some Remote Access Software and he accessed my desktop like a Genius at work. I followed his instructions and had made a mistake when pressing the esc key and connecting to my pc (You don't turn the tablet on as I had done). Now in my defence I didn't think the instruction manual was clear about this but James certainly made up for this.

    After a reboot I found the firmware installed with lots of new Apps waiting for me to play with such as EBay, Face book, Kindle and Android market which worked a treat. I logged onto my Amazon Account and quickly and seamlessly downloaded a Kindle Book for my wife to read and she was happy.

    On the note of performance I have had no lag except on busy sites like Amazon and Face book which one would expect, and found the Touchpad II very responsive. The keyboard is nice to use especially now I found the touch pen. Battery life is about 5 hours of intensive use but it will recharge through a USB to PC connector as well as with the mains adaptor. The screen is very bright and pleasing on the eye and at seven inches is a nice handy size to carry around.


    For under a £100 for an Android Tablet which has a delightful screen and ease of use, you really can't go wrong. It comes nicely packed by CNM and although I found their firmware guide wasn't particularly clear their support was amazing. Surfing the net, reading e-books on the train or playing Tetris just became affordable to allot of people.

    Thank you for reading my first review. Overall i have scored the CNM Touchpad 2 a 9/10.

    A Demo Video from CNM can be found here

    CnM Lifestyle Products - Technology for everyday people!
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    Very impressive review mate :cool:.

    I'm kinda on the look-out for a tablet, so i will definitely consider this one.

    Thanks :)!
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    Really well done Darren, you may notice I just put it on our Facebook page. Hope you don't mind! It was very interesting to read.

    How does it cope with Documents/files (Is there a built in file manager and wordprocessing etc)?

    I did talk to CNM Lifestyles at the Gadget Show Live and asked if we would be able to get some samples, but they have never replied to my emails!

    Let us know if you have any bugs with it etc.

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    Thank you for putting on Fb. It does have an explorer for looking into your files and directories. I havent played with word or text files yet to be perfectly honest as i bought it for my wife to mainly read ebooks, and surf / go on FB if we go abroad, I will let you know though. Considering its cheaper than the kindle and can surf, why would you buy a kindle :p? I have sent a copy of this link to Cnm and James said he would pass on to his Managers.

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    Very interesting review, I actually had some thoughts about the ease in the Android OS but you cleared it up.

    I'm more of a Kindle user although you make a very fair point but I'd still have a Kindle for the fact that it's e-ink and I find it less stressing on the eyes.
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    Hi Darren

    I recently purchased the CNM Touchpad 7 inch. Great machine but could you tell me how to copy photos from the micro sim card on to had drive of touchpad? Would be very greatful for any info.


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