Samsung to sell its first smartphones with Tizen OS next year

Discussion in 'eTeknix News' started by Aruffell, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. Aruffell

    Aruffell The Don Staff Member

    Samsung is all set to have the Linux-based Tizen OS on their smartphones as its a more “open” platform*compared*to Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS.*To those who don’t know, Tizen is a Linux-Based OS that emerged from MeeGo. Intel worked with Nokia for development of this OS, but now Samsung have taken over. Samsung, a Japan [...]
  2. ryandigweed

    ryandigweed Member

    Wow. Linux. I wonder how is that going to be. And I wonder if their older android phones will have support for these operating systems
  3. Flynn Greenberg

    Flynn Greenberg Moderator Staff Member

    The htc hd2 can run meego,windows,android etc so it is possible for older phones
  4. ryandigweed

    ryandigweed Member

    That's by HTC. This operating system is going to be by Samsung, I don't think it will want any other manufacturers to take advantage of their idea. Then again that was one of the rare phones that supported so different operating systems.

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