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  • Please read these Rules and Policies carefully. By accessing the eTeknix website and our forums, you agree to be bound by eTeknix Rules and Policies. These Rules and Policies are subject to change, without prior notice, from time to time. We will notify you of amendments to these rules and policies by posting them to our forum. If you do not agree to adhere to our rules and policies, please do not access this website or our forums.

    Voicing Your Concerns

    You can voice your concerns, or give us any feedback you may have here:-
    Complaints Dept

    Account Guidelines

    1. Multiple eTeknix accounts are not permitted. Each user may only have one account. Measures are (or will be) incorporated to detect multiple user accounts.
    2. Users under the age of 13 may only create an account to access the eTeknix network with the expressed permission of their parent/guardian under the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act 1998.
    3. If you are banned, it is not permitted to register another account to bypass the ban. You may contact an eTeknix staff member to discuss the nature of your ban and its duration via email. Submit a ticket to Complaints Dept
    4. Do not give your password to anyone. Compromised accounts will be banned.
    5. Account names and all subesequent usernames must be appropriate or they will be removed.

    Website and Forum Conduct Guidelines

    In the interest of maintaining a constructive and equal environment for everyone, all users of the eTeknix network should follow these gudelines.

    1. Do not transmit or facilitate the distribution of content (including images or videos) that is:-
      1. Harmful
      2. Abusive
      3. Racially offensive
      4. Sexually offensive
      5. Ethnically offensive
      6. Overtly sexual
      7. Illegal
    2. No spamming, baiting or trolling will be tolerated.
    3. No personal attacks or insults
    4. Do not repost deleted or closed threads or posts.
    5. No promotion of business interests or advertising without prior permission (contact an Administrator for further guidance on this). You may not promote any website or business in which you have a financial or other interest in, or use the popularity of this community to help build one of your own. The eTeknix forums are here to allow people to freely share knowledge, not provide them with personal financial gain or free advertising. If you would like to advertise with us, please contact us via Advertising Dept. If your thread is deleted, do not repost it.
    6. Do not post any users real-world personal information, without his or her express permission.
    7. Do not impersonate another person (including celebrities), indicate falsely that you are an eTeknix staff member or a representative for any other community.
    8. No links or requests for "warez" or "torrents". Providing or asking for information regarding software or any other material protected by copyright is forbidden. This includes discussions of 'chipped' or modified games consoles.
    9. Do not attempt to interfere with, hack into, or disrupt functionality of the servers which contribute to the eTeknix network, or upload files or post links that contain viruses or malicious data.
    10. No "Goodbye" threads. If you decide, for whatever reason, that you no longer wish to post here, that's fine. But you will not be permitted to post a "goodbye" thread.

    Additional Guidelines

    • Respect each other. Discussions are fine, but try to settle flamewars in private messages.
    • Respect the eTeknix staff authority. If you do have an issue with a staff member, please contact an Administrator.
    • Please use only English to communicate. It is okay to use other languages in private messages .
    • Do not report the same post repeatedly.
    • Please try to post in the appropriate sections. If you are unsure, contact a member of staff and ask.
    • In situations where the interpretation, implementation, or specific application of a rule is called into question, it will default to the staff to provide guidance and ruling on such circumstances. Members may file an appeal to said ruling at the listed location above in the "Voicing Your Concerns" section. All submissions will be reviewed by senior staff.
    • When posting large pictures, please post them into the thread as a thumbnail.
    • We reserve the right at all times (but will not have an obligation) to remove or refuse to distribute any content on the services and to terminate users or reclaim usernames.
    • Forum signature images are recommended to be no more than 600 x 300 pixels. Please refrain from making them larger. Any images not conforming to these will be removed.

    These guidelines should not be considered to be 100% inclusive and we reserve the right to deal with each situation in a case by case manner.

    terms and rules.
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