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120Hz output on MSI Notebooks

Discussion in 'Laptops & PDAs' started by MSINotebookUK, Dec 19, 2014.

  1. MSINotebookUK

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    Aug 13, 2014
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    If you haven’t been living under a rock lately, you’ve noticed that not only is higher resolution monitors in extreme demand, but also 120Hz ones. As you might know, in case your panel has a refresh rate of 60Hz (which is standard for PC monitors), you will not notice any difference in framerate above 60 FPS. This is because 1Hz = 1 oscillation per second, meaning a 60Hz panel refreshes 60 times per second, and subsequently a 120Hz panel does this twice as often. Even screens with refresh rates as high as 240Hz exist.


    Slightly exaggerated picture courtesy of Eizo

    All notebook screen panels are unfortunately 60Hz panels, effectively capping what you see at 60 FPS (even if your measured framerate actually might be higher), and if your (non-MSI) notebook comes with NVIDIA Optimus (a technology that automatically switches between the CPU graphics and the dedicated NVIDIA one), you’re even capped at 60Hz on any external monitors connected to your notebook. This is why MSI has chosen to not use Optimus, because we believe that with our high-performance hardware, you should be given the choice to run at higher frequencies, such as 120Hz.

    All MSI Gaming notebooks equipped with DisplayPort supports output of refresh rates higher than 60Hz, in case you’re a 120Hz-connaisseur and worried about maybe not being able to use it on your MSI Notebook.
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    Jan 2, 2015
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    Thanks for the interesting article! But above 120Hz is not necessary eye does not see the difference!

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