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Amazon Digital Games Mayhem

Discussion in 'Bargain Basement' started by Sarge_T, May 16, 2013.

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    Dec 4, 2012
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    Hey guys, Amazon is currently having a HUGE promotion for digital games on their website - this means games like Battlefield 3 Premium Edition for $25, Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition for $7.49 and so forth, so I just thought I would share it, as someone might want to use the opportunity!

    Go check out all the deals in the link below!

    You might ask: "But Sarge, I live somewhere Europe, how am I supposed to be able to order anything from the US Amazon store??"
    There's a simple answer to that. Amazon only requires a U.S. Billing address - there are many ways to obtain such thing - google is your friend, as I'm not going to link to anything here, since the service the websites provide might be considered "shady".
    For me, I'm lucky to have a genuine U.S. address I use when ordering physical goods from Amazon - but that doesn't matter when it comes to digital downloads anyway!

    Personally I've already bought Hitman: Absolution for the small amount of $4.99 (that offer seems to only have been a one day offer, as now it's back to the normal price of $12.49), and I'm going to buy more for sure :D

    Happy purchasing people!

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