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Antec 300 - Pros/Cons

Discussion in 'Antec' started by NVRAM, Jun 21, 2009.

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    Jun 19, 2009
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    Hope Im not treading on any toes here...

    In response to the thread above thought I'd share my findings of the Antec 300 pros and cons

    I know the Antec 300 gets a lot of good mentions but personally Im left feeling somewhat dissapointed with it.
    First of for a standard midi case it seems extremely cramped inside and theres very little in the way of places to hide cables. Also if your looking at Crossfire or SLi be wary, a 4870 with power connectors connected with block one of the HDD bays, so with xfire or SLi then you've lost a chunk of bays :(

    Mine currently contains,

    1x320Gb - Storage
    2x320Gb RAID - Boot drive
    2x1Tb Raid - Storage

    I was wanting to add in another disc to the 1Tb array in order to mirror and stripe them but can't without losing one of the other drives. I was also planning on when needed upgrading to XFire froom a single 4870, which cant be done either without now loosing a drive.

    As for the PSU I think Antec missed a Trick here, theres about 25mm of space between the access panel and the PSU, had this been placed between the PSU and the mobo tray then would have added a much needed extra area for hiding cables. Also you may have troubles with larger power supplies Im using a BeQuiet DarPower Pro which is 180mm in length this gives about 100mm between the back of PSU and the backplanes of the HDDs your SATA power/data cables are probably gonna stick out from the back of the drives about 10-15mm then add into this whatever the connectors are like on you PSU and this can lead to a very cramped area.

    Now I'm not gonna come in here and completely slate a product now am I ;)

    The case itself is VERY sturdy, quality wise its very nice leading to it looking more expensive than it at least originally retailed for. The complete mesh front has lead to some very nice Temps for me running an Overclocked E8400 @ 3.6 Idles at ~22 and load temps of 60ish under IBT.

    One of my normal things I do when checking out a case is to run my hand along all of the edges your'e normally going to come into contact with, everything on the Antec appears to be either rolled neatly or finished off correctly unlike some manufacturers.

    Both of the stock fans top/rear seem to push a good amount of air and also have speed controls attached in the form of L/M/H even on high the fans are near silent to me. Another plus tot he cooling in this case is I haven't had to clean the fans much, although a very minimal inclusion is often missed and rounds the case off nicely.

    At the original cost oft eh Antec 300 which was approx £35inc delivery it was a good option however prices have steadily creept up and now at approx £50 in some cases +delivery it's very expensive for what it is. Seems as if it was originally aimed at being a budget case which suited it fine

    The Antec 300 is a half decent case, but anything other that a small build may struggle in this case and I would urge you to look at a larger case. Personally I hope Antec take the P18* range and the 3/9/1200 and kinda make a mix of the two with the styling of the 3/9/1200s but with the features of the P18* range. The P18*'s were a legendary range and the 3/9/1200's are getting a good following.

    Now lets see the offspring of the two ;)

    Limited Edition P18x, Full painted interior, mesh front panel, minimalistic approach to the inclusion of plastic on the top, the good fans included as with the Antec 300 and a removable mobo tray but with the separated zones inside like on the P18* range

    C'mon Antec ;)

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