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Antec True Power Classic PSU - information

Discussion in 'Antec' started by Ace Modder, Sep 2, 2014.

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    Sep 10, 2012
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    Hi all.

    I would like to discuss the new True Power Classic PSU's that we (Antec) recently launched.

    They have 3 different flavours. 550w, 650w and 750w. They are all 80 Plus Gold certified and made by Seasonic using only top quality components with a great modified PCB design to ensure the best performance is given.

    Our units all are equipped with a DBB (double ball bearing) fan to ensure that noise levels are kept down low as many other PSU vendors opt for SBB (single ball bearing) fans to reduce costs. Thus making other vendors units noisier than the TP-C.

    The main two key features of any decent PSU is wattage output and stability. We ensure that stability is maintained by using only the best Japanese Capacitors which are rated to 105°C, with many other PSU vendors using Japenese made capacitors but ones only rated to 85°C. Well this means that our PSU can handle heavy loads which generates heat and continues to work flawlessly, and stable at a higher temperature than other products on the market.

    The True Power Classic has been made with a +12V dual rail design which allows for a high ampage for the hardware which requires it. Typically single rail designs tend to offer less ampage on the +12V rail overall. For example our TP-C 750w offers 744 watts of power on the dual +12V rail but competing 750w PSU's using a single rail tend to offer typically around 720watts on the +12V rail. Consider it a car, you can buy a 2.0litre Kia which only has a 150 bhp output, or you can buy a 2.0 Subaru Impreza which has 280 bhp output.

    Due to Antec offering great wattages on the +12V rails which is where it is needed then we offer a great numbers of PCI-E connectors as we are confident that the PSU can easily handle the loads.
    For example our 750w TP-C has 6 x PCI-E cables allowing for tri-SLI/tri-Crossfire support, whilst other brands can only offer 4 x PCI-E connectors, this tells me that they are not 100% confident in the +12V rail wattage output levels compared to ours.
    SATA and molex connectors are similiar in terms of the outputs the TP-C achieves with up to 9 SATA and Molex devices supported out the box on the 750w, and 6 SATA and 5 molex devices supported on the 650w and 550w editions.

    So if you want a TRUE PSU which can correctly handle the rated wattage on the tin then look at our Antec True Power Classic range. With 99.2% of the 750w wattage able to be output by the +12v rail and 99.7% on the 650w version and finally 98.2% on the 550w version.

    Our TP-C is backed by a full 5 year warranty which will give you added peace of mind that in the unlikely event that something may go wrong then you are covered by Antec.

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