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BrizTechVR Google Cardboard V2

Discussion in 'User Reviews' started by Flynn Greenberg, Jan 8, 2016.

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    BrizTechVR Google Cardboard V2

    Website here


    So on this occasion we look at or should i say into the Briztech google cardboard v2 virtual reality headset

    Now this is my first forray into vr and Briztech kindly sent me this to review so without further adoo here goes

    Now these kits come pretty much prebuilt which is great so that you can get stuck straight into getting inside another world

    The kit i received needed the lenses to be put back in correctly as they had become loose in transit though that is so easy it simply means having to slide them a few mills onto place and wallah all done

    Now the cardboard here can take upto a 6 inch phone as such i used my google nexus 6p at 5.7 inch and i downloaded the cardboard app and some vr apps and games from the play store

    Now the quality of what you see varies between apps and games i found some fantastic things to view and play and also some rather dire things that should have never been made

    As you will see in the pics i have rather intensively tested the kit out and as such there is a mark where i hold it to the face this is what is to be expected as after all it is made of cardboard

    Now these may not be in the realms of occulus but then who wants to pay £500 when these have a lot of variety from the basic strapless cardboard to those with straps nfc etc that are way way easier on the pocket i mean lets face it vr is still in its infancy so i personally dont see the need to pay over the odds

    Lets not forget that there is a push button on the top of the unit for using in the vr world and this is pretty much compatible on many phones

    In my opinion for the price you simply cannot go wrong it gives an entry into vr and is fun to use although i would have liked a strap to hold the headset in place rather than having to hold manually

    What Briztech say

    The Google Cardboard v2.0 has a number of significant improvements on the older v1.0 model. To summerise -

    Simplified Construction - One of the main differences is that the v2.0 comes pretty much completely constructed and ready to go (only setup is 3 basic folds - takes approx 5-10secs). Whereas the v1.0 comes as a cardboard net which requires putting together (it's relatively straightforward with the printed instructions on the card, but takes more like 1-2mins).
    Support for larger phones - The v1.0 Google Cardboard supports up to 5.2" screen phones (about 90% of the smartphone market). Whereas the v2.0 Google Cardboard supports up to 6" screen phones (around 99.9% of the smartphone market).
    Physical screen-touch button - The v1.0 Google Cardboard used a magnet-based switch on the side of the headset to activate a 'click' within an app. This was a smart idea, however the biggest problem with this method, is that it requires that the phone being used with the headset had its magnetic sensors in the end of the phone next to the button. Under 50% of phones have the sensors next to the button, so less than 50% of phones could use this button. The Google Cardboard v2.0 uses a physical 'screen-touch' button with a foil tip. This means when you press the button, it moves a lever to touch the screen. Therefore, it is compatible with 100% of smartphones with a touch screen input, meaning you can use all apps which require the input button.

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