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Cooling FAQ

Discussion in 'Antec' started by Stefan@Antec, May 15, 2009.

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    May 11, 2009
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    1. Why is cooling important for my PC?
    All of the components inside your computer, like your processor, graphics cards and memory, consume power and produce heat. The more robust your system, the more heat is produced. This heat needs to be regulated, via cooling, to prevent your PC from instability, malfunction, overheating or other costly damages. Proper cooling also extends the life of your components.

    2. Cooling fans have different sizes and speeds. What do they mean?
    Cooling fans come in different sizes ranging from 80mm to 250mm, and different speeds (many Antec fans come with three-speed switches). Size and speed work together to affect both cooling and quiet. The higher the fan-speed, the more cooling you get but the louder the fan will be. The lower the fan-speed, the less cooling you get, but the quieter the operation will be. Meanwhile, the larger the fan size, the slower (and more quietly) it can spin, while the smaller the fan size, the faster (and noisier) it must spin to give you the same amount of cooling. Thus, between fan size and fan-speed, you can find the perfect balance of cooling and quiet for your system.

    3. What is airflow and how does it affect cooling?
    It’s not just about the number of fans you have. The right airflow design is just as important for effective cooling. Airflow refers to how air moves through your computer; in other words, where cool air will enter and where hot air will exit. Antec’s cases utilize features like perforated front panels, bottom-mounted PSUs to isolate heat, and cable organizers to reduce clutter, in order to achieve the best airflow.

    4. What is a TriCool™ fan?
    TriCool™ fans are Antec’s patented three-speed cooling fans. They come in all sizes and feature easily adjustable “low,” “medium” and “high” settings. TriCool™ fans let you find the perfect balance of cooling and quiet for your varying computing needs.

    5. How is Antec’s MX-1 enclosure different from other external HDD enclosures?
    The MX-1 HDD enclosure has a unique active cooling system. While most external HDD enclosures do not feature cooling fans (or only include small 40mm fans), the MX-1 uses an 80mm blower. This means that it can maintain airflow around the HDD even at low speeds, ensuring cooling and quiet operation.

    6. What is the A/V Cooler?
    Antec’s A/V Cooler is made specifically for home theater equipment. Because A/V equipment produces high-temperature heat which can affect the output quality of your system, cooling is crucial. Antec’s A/V Cooler features two blowers to create a perfect air path to blow heat away. Plus, with its stylish design, the A/V Cooler fits in easily with any home theater set-up.


    7. How are Antec’s Notebook Coolers different from other laptop coolers?
    Antec’s Notebook Cooler uses two high-powered blowers instead of general axial fans. Blowers can effectively suck in and exhaust heat in a narrow space, giving your laptop powerful cooling without taking up a lot of room. Antec’s Notebook Cooler 200 uses a massive 200mm fan for even greater cooling, while the Notebook Cooler to go™ features two double ball bearing fans and a lightweight, portable design. Between all three models, Antec provides a solution for all types of laptop users.


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