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Illumiseen LED Headlamp

Discussion in 'User Reviews' started by Flynn Greenberg, Oct 21, 2015.

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    Today we are looking at the Illumiseen LED Headlamp - Bright, Lightweight & Comfortable - Fully Dimmable White Light, also has a Red Light & Strobe Option - Perfect for Jogging, Hiking, Camping, and Much More - 3 AAA Batteries Included
    Price from £17 to £25
    Official write up as follows

    • Ultimate Visibility and Safety from All Angles
    • 1 White "DoublePower LED" for a light that shines up to 40 meters
    • 2 White "SinglePower LEDs" for a broader light that shines up to 25 meters
    • 1 Red "Night Vision" LED, perfect for reading at night or preserving your night vision
    • Flashing "S.O.S. Light", available in both White Light Modes
    • Dimmer that gives you the exact amount of light that you need
    • Soft, comfortable and beautifully designed Headband
    • Sturdily built with high quality materials
    • CE, RoHS and Energy Star certified
    • IPX4 Water Resistant

    My review is as follows
    As always the item has arrived well packaged and safe
    inside you get the headband, batteries and instruction booklet
    in use the Illumiseen headband was more comfortable than i thought it would be, and easily goes over a cycle helmet
    The things i really like are, that in main light mode you can dim the light if a brighter light is not needed which is great so as not to dazzle anyone
    The red led night mode i also found to be a good addition as it can be used as an extra rear light for added visibility
    the actual band has a cool pattern which stands out as it is not plain black, which shows that a good deal of thought has gone into the design
    okay so i have only said good things about the headband that is because i simply do not have any problems at all it really is a great product.

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