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Keto x factor Lose weight so I don'

Discussion in 'eTeknix Featured Content' started by Griffi nmer, Aug 11, 2018.



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  1. Griffi nmer

    Griffi nmer New Member

    Aug 11, 2018
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    Lose weight so I don't have to hide under all the bulky clothing - sweaters, jogging suits, or other reduce clothing. 43. Lose weight so no one asks me when my baby's due. 44. Lose weight so no one can ever refer to me as the beached whale. 45. Lose weight so even a frequent towel fits all the way around me. 46. Lose weight so I can go to the movie theater without worrying about the spillage around the chair. 47. Lose weight so I can hug my knees again - comfortably. 48. Lose weight so I won't ever have to think about hip or knee replacements. 49. Lose weight so I can once again tie my shoes in comfort. 50. Lose weight to add years to my entire lifestyle - I need to hold those grandbabies. Finally keep the load off so I would have to ever worry about a diet strategy again These were the top fifty factors that came in with the survey.

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