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MP4 Digital Player [Need Help]

Discussion in 'Audio/Visual' started by HardcoreGamerBronx, Aug 15, 2016.

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    Feb 16, 2015
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    That image right there, is a photo I found over the internet of an MP4 player that a distant relative gifted me long ago. I was very young back then, and I didn't care so much. It seems to be a brandless mp4 player.
    I found the image here: http://gifts.manufacturer.globalsources.com/si/6008830783588/pdtl/MP4-player/1141492285.htm

    Anyways, what happened was that I found this MP4 player in some closet today. Apparently, I had put it there years ago, as a kid. And now that I found it again, it doesn't work. I tried to turn it on, but it's impossible. I don't even have the right kind of USB wire to charge it with.
    I used to listen to the songs on this a lot back then, and I loved those songs. But since I was just a kid, I never bothered noting down the names of the songs or taking a backup. Also, a lot of the songs that were on the device had gone corrupt a few months before I stopped using it, so even if I somehow manage to get the device to work again, I will not find all the preloaded songs.
    I have been searching for this MP4 player over the internet since weeks, and found a few leads.

    This page says the model number is M90N. This page says the model number is T1505. This page says the model number is L336PJ. I have no way of verifying which one is true. All I'm trying to do is to find the default/pre-loaded songs that come with it.

    This page says that the name of the brand is Jiaxing, although it's mentioned nowhere on the MP4 player (physically, not digitally since I can't get this thing to work now). I tried searching for Jiaxing's official site, but there are no leads. I am not sure if this MP4 player even has a brand. It is really tiny, seems to be a cheap rip-off street product kind of thing. Anyways, this is all the information I have on this. Rest of the info (geek stuff) is on the pages I have included the links to.
    So, can anyone help me find the default/pre-loaded songs on this MP4 player? I mean, eTeknix seems to be the place for digital geeks. I am no computer whiz, which is why I need your help. I will be really grateful to whoever can help me with this.

    Also, I did copy a few songs off of the device long ago (just a few). So, fortunately, I still have those. I will type the default names of those songs down below, if it will make anything easier.
    1. ÓÐûÓÐÈ˸æËßÄã [found that it is "Has Anyone Ever Told You" by "Chen Chusheng"]
    2. 真的愛你
    3. °®ÇéÀïûÓÐ˶ÔË´í [found that it is "I'm Alive" by "Celion Dion"]
    4. 灰色軌跡
    5. »Æ¼Ò¾Ô-ÊÅÈ¥µÄÈÕ×Ó

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