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The story about when the Sabertooth, Phantom and Kraken met ;)

Discussion in 'NZXT' started by dJabba, Jun 6, 2013.

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    Jun 13, 2011
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    The story about when the Sabertooth, Phantom and Kraken met ;)

    Hello everybody

    I got a setup question before I get started with a lot of work again rewiring my system from scratch. Basically it's about my FAN setup and since you guys from NZXT are behind all the cooling parts of my system, i figured this was probably the best place to ask to get the best advice. I have asked many people and got a lot of different answers in all directions, so now I try here for some final advice

    These are the key aspects of my system (rest you can see in profile if you'd like)

    MB: Asus sabertooth z77 mainboard
    Case: Phantom 820
    Cooler: Kraken x60
    Fans: 4x 200mm, 2x 140mm (and the 2x 140mm on the Kraken)

    Current fan setup
    200mm: 2top, 1front, 1door
    140mm: 1rear, 1mid-case (the rear is prolly suited better at the bottom though)
    I also got the 2 small TUF fans attached, makes quite a bit of difference on some key parts of the board.

    Radiator is mounted at the top below the 200mm fans with push/pull setup .. and I'm actual wondering a bit if the 200mm block the airflow instead of helping. Should I let the Kraken control them?

    While I added the Kraken and the last 200mm fan last Sunday I connected as many fans to the mainboard that I could to allow for automatic profiling of speeds, but not sure either if I keep that or go back to the case controller.
    The 2 top, the rear and the front fans currently run of the mainboard and the sidepanel and mid case run of the case controller. Kraken of course runs on the main CPU header.

    Sooo, you as manufacturers of these great parts .. how would you set up this fan setup to get the best cooling and sound levels out of it.

    And in the end, here is a picture of the beauty and beast[​IMG]

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